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Denver, CO
Welcome to Profitool!

A Brief History

For over 30 years, Profitool has provided specially designed software to the construction industry, allowing companies to better track their costs and manage projects. We design, develop, and market a fully integrated project control and accounting software product that is geared for construction or construction-related companies. Our software helps companies around the world control costs on projects ranging in size from a few thousand to several billion dollars.

Business Philosophy

Profitool's philosophy of business is centered on the concept of providing a high level of service to our clients as strategic partners. Our clients benefit from a close relationship with us because we provide them access to a qualified staff of professionals who are knowledgeable about the specifics of their business and implementation of the software.

We are not a commodity software vendor. Rather, we focus our attention on construction or construction-related companies that want to maximize their use of computer software technology through close interaction with Profitool. Essentially, Profitool serves as an outside resource to your in-house IT staff to assist you with getting the most out of your investment in computer technologies.

Client Relationship

Our approach toward working with clients as strategic business partners ensures that our involvement does not end upon completion of the conversion. Instead, it continues by providing on-going support and services such as, recurrent training (as-needed basis), enhancement programming, problem resolution, statutory changes, and new releases that incorporate changes made to the system by the community of Profitool users.

  What Our Clients Say...

  "On competitive hardware options, Becton had relatively trouble free migrations from Prime to AIX to Linux, with no loss of data or functionality, but with incredible cost of ownership savings and performance."

Bernard Griffiths, Treasurer
Beck Corporation
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