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Profitool knows construction. With over 30 years developing software for the construction industry, you can be assured that we understand the unique needs of your business.

Profitool's industry leading, construction specific software solutions are backed by personnel who have worked in the construction industry – people who understand the challenges you face on the job everyday. Our professional staff assures a smooth installation of your system and provides in-depth training, business process consulting, valuable program enhancements, and responsive customer service.

Combine best in class construction software with a dedicated staff that possess industry specific experience, embody professionalism and a dedication to provide first-class service, and you have a recipe for success that will meet all your business technology needs.

  What Our Clients Say...

  "I have been directly involved with the Profitool application at Mainzeal for nearly 14 years. During that time, we have made changes in both our hardware and operating systems and, on only two occasions, experienced issues related to the application that caused it to not be available to the users. This is truly a remarkable record for a large-scale ERP software product..."

John Bolland, Analyst and Programmer
Mainzeal Construction
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