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Technology Overview

Profitool is based on a powerful C language application and data management system that can either reside on your servers or Co-Lo’d (hosted secure data center) and allows a wide range of scalability, security, and control. Utilizing the powerful and Open Systems architecture, you will have a very high level of system reliability in addition to flexibility in choice of computer hardware options.

Using familiar web-based, browser application technology means your teams will have rapid acceptance and the ease of use that comes with a browser window. With only a Browser and an internet connection, you are able to access Profitool from anywhere in the world without special client-based applications. The cost of workstations are lower and their useful life is extended with the light overhead of browser application functionality.
  • Quickly and easily connect new users, remote job-sites, multiple offices, and personnel

  • Optionally connect “subset” distributed server databases throughout the world without deploying the entire corporate information system

  • Flexibility of Open System architecture provides a gateway to integrate and extract other non-Profitool, mission-critical application data into one common Profitool database for a single source of record, reporting, and analysis – thus reducing “islands” of information and inefficient, redundant data entry and errors

  • Rapidly deploy the Profitool application with our Quick Start templates, which will reduce the training costs and pilot testing cycle, as well as the time to “go live”

  • TCO – Profitool has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership with its Open System architecture, low cost of licensing, highly reliable operating system, and a choice of scalable relational databases (such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle).

  What Our Clients Say...

  "Profitool offers a unique approach to their software and hardware solutions. In addition to a solid construction industry software package, Profitool offers a level of customization not often found in today’s world"

Tom Mitchell, IT Manager
The Mosser Group
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